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 Role-play Rules

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Role-play Rules Empty
PostSubject: Role-play Rules   Role-play Rules EmptyThu May 02, 2013 1:45 am

Don't be too intimidated by role-playing rules being entirely separated by the regular ones. There's not a ridiculously long list of unreasonable rules here, I promise! You just have to stick to some, to ensure that everything is quality. 8D

Okay, first of all, seriously, your characters must have flaws. And you can't just give them one flaw, like clumsiness, for example, but everyone treats it like it's cute. In case I'm not being clear enough, basically, don't add flaws, but find ways to warp them into positive traits. Okay, you know what a "Mary Sue" is, right? If not, just look it up. Your character cannot be one of those. Online, you can find plenty of tips on how to make a good character, as well as tests to see how well-developed yours is.

Role-plays should be split into three different groups. The first is basic, which means that posts only need to be a few paragraphs long, and while you should always still add in some detail, in basic, you won't need to use quite as much description. In the next level, medium, you should write posts that are a bit longer, and use plenty of description. And lastly, there's advanced, in which you should be very detailed.

Make your character descriptions as detailed as you possibly can, too. Add appearance, personality,relationships with other characters (which you may add to as you continue role-playing,) and history, whether that be in role-plays you've done, or what has already happened to your character. (Of course, you do not have to add anything that you would consider to be a spoiler you don't want to reveal.)

Don't play as a species that doesn't fit in the role-play. For example, in a thread with a slice of life plot, a magically talking dog would be out of place. However, if you have a character who wouldn't fit in due to species, you can change them to whatever fits, and you don't need to add a separate thread for that. You might, however, want to add this new form's looks to your character's topic.

Don't start role-playing until I've approved your character.

Don't god mod. This means making your character the most important, giving them powers that would be considered "cheap," such as mind control, or controlling another person's characters.

I think that's it, but let me know if you've got any suggestions! c:
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Role-play Rules
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