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 The General Rules

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The General Rules Empty
PostSubject: The General Rules   The General Rules EmptyWed May 01, 2013 11:06 pm

Welcome, and thanks for joining Ink Sunrise! I won't bother going into what we're about here, because you can simply find that information just below the banner. See it, there? Yes, of course you do. You're a good puppy. Go catch the cookie! C:

Anyway, I should probably mention, first of all, that there are rules applying specifically to role-playing, and they can be found in that section.

Shall we begin? Well, of course, since that's what we're here for, we've got nothing better to do. Okay, rule noomber-oh uno is to be respectful to all other members. That's a pretty obvious one, I know, as are some others on here, but I thought I ought to write them down, anyway. If you've got a quarrel with somebody else on the site, save it, and if you simply must fight, do so in private messages.

Secondly, keep discussion of religion or politics out of here at all times. Again, if you wish to talk about it privately, and know that the other person is willing to do so, by all means, go right ahead. But if you ask someone about that and he or she declines, do not continue to question them. I will note, however, that mentioning your religion or political affiliation is fine. But you are not allowed to go in depth about that, nor can you ever make any rude comments towards anyone for their beliefs, no matter what.

I won't go into dimensions specifics, but larger images need to be put under a spoiler tab, since they might make some computers move slower on that page. Also, your signature can't be too large.

While more minor swears are allowed — such as damn, hell, or crap — don't cuss like a sailor, or I'll scrub your mouth with soap. (Just kidding. That'd taste so awful, it'd be far too cruel. I'd just edit your post. xD)

Don't link to sites centered around sexual or gory material, or ones where such content, though not made for it, is unavoidable. You can, however, link to sites like Tumblr, for example, which do contain such content, but for the most part, can be kept away from if you're careful enough. Sure, you might sometimes come across something you didn't want to see at a place like that, but that's not enough reason to ban those sort of sites entirely.

As you might have guessed from the last rule, no sexually explicit or overly gory stuff is allowed, even with warning.

Don't claim other people's creative works as your own. You may, however, post a picture that isn't yours, like a meme or reaction gif, but do not post works by others in the sections for writing, art, and so on, even if you give the original creator credit. Those places are for works by members only, with threads to be made by the creators themselves. If you want to discuss creations of another person, you may do so in the section for analysis, or laid-back media discussion.

Don't make threads for just one piece of art, if you have any. Make one topic just for showcasing your works. However, if you have a comic, you may make a separate thread for that. As for writing, every piece may have its own thread. Regarding other forms of media, before posting it, just ask me if it should all be in separate threads, or only one for it all. :)

Don't spam. Also, no posting two times in a row unless an hour has passed. Triple posting, or any more than that, is not allowed.

And that's it, as far as I can think of right now! If you have any suggestions, there's a section for that, too. Have fun!

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The General Rules
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